Phen375 vs. Weltmine (KP)

If you are looking for an effective weight loss treatment, you’d be bombarded with the numerous weight loss pills that are being sold in the market. Some of these pills can be purchased over the counter while some require doctor’s prescription before you can purchase one. Losing weight is quite difficult especially without the help of an effective weight loss supplement.

The seemingly unlimited options for weight loss supplements make it more difficult for individuals to choose which one is the most effective. Because of this, it is important to get as much information as you could to determine which of these weight loss supplements are effective and which are not. In an attempt to help you, we have compared two popular weight loss pills and these are, Weltmine (KP) and our weight loss supplement, Phen375.

What is Phen375?

Promotes appetite suppression
Works in the different aspects of weight loss
Promotes increased metabolic rate
Promotes thermogenesis to increase burning of calories
Provides positive effects on the sex drive, strength, endurance, and lean body mass

Phen375 doesn’t have any reported side effects and it is manufactured in an FDA approved pharmaceutical facility. There are no known reports about the side effects of Phen375 after it was first sold in the public.

What is Weltmine (KP)?

Weltmine (KP) helps in losing weight. It is a prescription medication that is only available in the US, European, and Canadian market. A popular name for Weltmine (KP) is Phentermine. The mechanism of action of this drug would be to stimulate some of the parts of the central nervous system, which is responsible for appetite suppression. The FDA has regulated the drug as a Schedule IV narcotic, like those that were used in the streets for pharmaceutical speed. Weltmine (KP) can cause increased levels of energy since its chemical structure is very similar to that of the amphetamines.

If Weltmine (KP) will be used for a long period of time, it can cause drug addiction. Hence, it is advised to use the product only for a few days or weeks.

Important consideration: Weltmine (KP) is only intended for individuals who have a body mass index of 30 or more, ages 19-64 years old. Because it is classified as Schedule IV narcotic, individuals will be positive in various drug tests. Therefore, if you are not able to present a prescription from the physician, then you will most likely get terminated from your work because you got positive on drug tests.

More Important information: If you have a controlled substance without the prescription of the physician, you could be fined or penalized.

Weltmine (KP) and Phen375 have similarities when you first check on them. Both of them are working as an appetite suppressant in order to help individuals to lose weight; however, if you are going to carefully check the two weight loss drugs, you’d see that they are very different especially when it comes to side effects.

Both of these weight loss supplements can provide significant weight loss of about 2-5 lbs. per week or 0.5 kg – 2 kg. Both of these two products would encourage having a healthy diet and regular exercise while using the weight loss supplement.

The two weight loss supplements are different from each other especially in their side effects. They can provide significant weight loss but Weltmine (KP) has numerous side effects and restrictions.

Weltmine (KP) Rules and Restrictions:

Individuals who have any of the following conditions are not advised to take Phentermine/Weltmine (KP):

Taking medications such as fenfluramine, dexfenfluramine, furazolidone, guanethidine, guanadrel
Are taking MAOIs for the last 14 days
Have severe high blood pressure, heart and blood vessel disease, overactive thyroid, glaucoma, and narrowing of the blood vessels
Have allergies on Phentermine and other sympathomimetic drugs like pseudoephedrine
In an agitated state
Has drug abuse history

Some individuals who have various medical conditions can get affected by Phentermine. Hence, if you have any of these conditions, you can ask your physician first before you start using Phentermine:

Pregnant women, planning to get pregnant or those who have plans of breastfeeding
Taking medications, whether non-prescription or prescription, herbal medications, and even dietary supplements
Have allergies to medications, food, and other substances
Have brain disorders, spinal cord disorders, hardening of arteries, diabetes, high cholesterol and lipid levels

Some medications can interact with Phentermine and these medications are:

fenfluramine, dexfenfluramine, furazolidone, MAOIs such as phenelzine due to the increased risk of adverse reactions like slow heart rate, elevated temperature, intensive headache, high blood pressure, and some fatal lung complications
Guanadel (Hylorel) and Guanethidine (Ismelin) because the effectiveness of the drugs are all decreased by Phentermine
dichlorphenamide, methazolamide, acetazolamide, and other carbonic anhydrase inhibitors can all decrease Phentermine excretion leading to toxic levels

It is important to consult the physician first before taking Weltmine (KP) together with the current medication that you have.

It should be taken only by individuals within the age of 19-64 years old
It can only be used for a maximum of one year

Individuals who are suffering from any of these conditions should never take Weltmine (KP):

Kidney disease
Liver disease
Breathing problems
Coronary artery diseases
Allergic reactions including: swelling of lips, tongue, and face, difficulty of breathing, and closing of the throat
Shortness of breath
Blurring of vision
Easy bleeding symptoms: presence of blood in the stool or urine, bleeding gums, and bruising on the skin

Here are some of the common side effects by Weltmine (KP):

Generalized body weakness, palpitations, vomiting, fainting, headache, nausea, hypertension, hyperactive reflexes, unpleasant taste, euphoria, changes in sex drive, confusion, psychosis, stomachache, manic-depressive symptoms, heartburn, blurring of vision, clumsiness, restlessness, and tremors

The list for these side effects seemed to be endless.

List of Common Brand Names of Weltmine (KP) that are being sold on the Market

Weltmine (KP) , Weltmine (KP) P, Anoxine-AM, Metermine, Obermine, Oby-Trim, Obestin-30, Mirapront, Phentrol, Phentremene, Panbesy, Teramine, Obephen, Phenterex, Pro-Fast SA, Phentromin,Trenker, Redusa, Umine (NZ), Supremin (PH), Zantryl


Because of the side effects and other adverse reactions especially drug interactions; Weltmine (KP) is not advised especially for individuals who have different health conditions. The side effects does not justify the weight loss that the drug can provide.

Phen375 vs. Weltmine (KP) – Which rank first?

Weltmine (KP) and Phen375 are both effective when it comes to weight loss; however, the side effects that Weltmine (KP) can provide are worse than the benefits that it can give.

On the other hand, Phen375 is free from any side effects. It doesn’t have any restrictions and can be used any time. The weight loss benefits are very reliable and you can always feel safe whenever you use the product because it doesn’t cause any side effects. When you use the weight loss supplement, you will be able to effectively lose weight.

If you are currently doing a weight loss program and you would like an effective supplement, then you can use Phen375 along with the weight loss program. This can also help you to maintain the ideal weight. Maintaining the ideal weight can be very difficult but Phen375 can help you to achieve that.

Apparently, we are not recommending Weltmine (KP) because of the side effects that it can cause. The side effects are too dangerous and don’t justify the temporary weight loss that it can provide.

Comparison of Weltmine (KP) and Phen375

Product comparison

Diet Pills Compared: Weltmine (KP) Phen375
Customer Rating: diet pill rating 3.5/5 4.5/5
Medically Backed: Numerous clinical trials, can be purchased via prescription only and when user’s BMI is 30 and above, classified as schedule IV narcotic Doesn’t cause side effects, produced in a facility approved bythe F.D.A., backed by health care teams across the globe: US, Europe, and Australia, Numerous customers are satisfied
Price: diet pill rating diet pill rating
Side Effects:

Insomnia, headache, overactive reflexes, stomachache, panic, acid reflux, confusion, irritability, dry mouth, nervousness, hypertension, euphoria, unpleasant taste, blurring of vision, changes in libido, diarrhea, psychological and physical dependence, clumsiness, fatigue, vomiting, skin rash, convulsions, fainting, lightheadedness, tremors, and restlessness, pupil dilatation, dizziness

*This product can only be used for two weeks.
*If you haven’t experienced losing at least 5% of your body weight after 8 weeks, you should stop using the product

No known side effects
Legal to Buy Online: red x red check
No Prescription Needed: Prescription Needed
Free Shipping: red x Available

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