Phenocerin Diet Pill

Phenocerin is a pill manufactured by the same company that manufactures Certiphene. The only difference between these two diet pills is the name and the packaging. These two basically have the same formulation.  For a company, the goal should be to produce an effective product for weight loss but rather than that, this company made another product with the same formulation but different name.  Customers will not immediately notice the similarities because Phenocerin is marketed under a different corporation though it’s under the umbrella of the same company.

If you would carefully check Phenocerin, you will realize that the marketing and the content is wrong.

Phenocerin, just like Certiphene, contains two main ingredients. These ingredients are Chromium Picolinate and Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia Gordonii is an overly hyped ingredient by numerous diet pill manufacturers. Usually, manufacturers imply that adding Hoodia Gordonii to their product will make it more effective than other products. Some people claimed that it does help in suppressing the appetite although no studies were conducted to prove such claims.

Chromium Picolinate is a weight loss ingredient that is also questionable in diet pills. Chromium is supposedly an ingredient that should work with insulin. This is to make sure that sugar is controlled within normal levels. This was proven to work but not in significant levels. The effect is very minimal and it will require a very high dosage before the small effect can occur. No diet pill in the market nowadays can ever accommodate such high levels of chromium.

Aside from the ingredients, the marketing strategy of Phenocerin is doubtful because if you read the terms and agreements, you will end up paying more than $100 within 15 days. You will be encouraged to get the free 14 day trial but you will be automatically charged with $49 on your credit card because you will be enrolled in their VIP Program that doesn’t provide anything good at all.

You will also be charged with $99 at the end of the month because you will receive three month supply of the diet pills. This can happen if you do not return the pills within 14 days. If you will consider the time they ship the product to you and the time you will return the product, you will most likely have three to five days to try the product.


Phenocerin is apparently just a fad product. It will try to exploit customers through its marketing schemes. The ingredients are not at all effective and the marketing strategy will confuse consumers.

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